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  • Business Overview
  • PC Business
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  • Special Product Business
  • Integrated Solution Business

DAEWOO LUCOMS BUSINESS Daewoo Lucoms will be a strong supporter.

Creative Solution of Daewoo Lucoms! Supports Successful Businesses of the Customers.

Daewoo Lucoms aims at new IT technologies and customer satisfaction service to provide total solution services from consulting to system implementation including SI, IT infra solution, IT convergence, etc.

Integrated Solution Maintenance Business

Daewoo Lucoms is a leading company of IT industry and has remarkable business achievements on the center of the domestic middle and large computer markets, such as the Ministry of Defense, army, air force and navy and a lot of business records.

It has operated its own R&D Center, positioned as the only company that supports ONE-STOP Integrated Maintenance Service with production, own logistics, perfect product quality and exhaustive service quality through development and own production lines

Integrated Solution Maintenance Business Areas.

Cyber Knowledge Information Room

  • The 1st Phase Project of BTO for Cyber Knowledge Information Room Implementation
    from the Military Mutual Aid Association C&C
  • Implementation project for the omitted camps from the 1st phase project for Military
    Mutual Aid Association C&C / Participated in and delivered the 1st implementation
    project of Cyber Knowledge Information Room managed by the Ministry of Defense

Integrated Maintenance

  • Operating 10 branch offices and 100 direct operating shops nationwide
  • Integrated Maintenance Business of computer, monitor, printer and network

Manufacturing Business

  • Manufacturing for IT area such as computer, monitor, notebook, etc. /
    Security monitor and special monitor
  • Manufacturing for exporting multimedia karaoke equipment, etc. /
    Single items of other IT peripheral equipment


  • Security and development of own development personnel (Computer, Monitor, etc.), Development of special type IT equipment and provision of compatibility test
  • Provision of consulting, development system implementation and technical support services

Public Procurement Service

  • Registration and operation of regular member of the government procurement service (Support for small/medium business service) / Registration of administrative computing network and delivery for the nationwide government and public offices, government owned corporations, educational institute, Participation in and delivery of SI Business (national organization and general corporations)


  • Operating own internal logistics center and nationwide direct delivery system
  • Operating remote area delivery system through designated Hyundai Home Delivery

Oversea Business

  • Exporting computer, monitor, notebook, etc. to the major markets in the world (Japan, USA, Russia, Europe, etc.), Publicizing of own brand image and selling products through local corporations in the world
  • Manufacturing and selling special and customized products such as about 20,000 security monitors for Wal-Mart, etc.

Major Business Expansion Strategies

Focusing on securing own basis after attempting entrance into the 1st phase sales with participating into maintenance consortium associated with the large SI companies